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Teatteri Capelle

Jyväskyläläinen ammattiteatteri Ilona Willebrandt +358 40 825 4448

Mother Earth

Mother Earth is an exploration of the relationship between man and earth. Birth and death takes turns in the circle of life. Puppeteer´s hands are moulding clay to create various scenes and moods. Stories of the show are born in the dialogue of sound, movement and visual elements.

Theatre Capelle (founded 2002) from Finland, Jyväskylä, is a solo puppet theatre in the true sense of the word. Ilona Lehtoranta brings her performances to audiences of all ages and tours kindergartens, schools and small stages all around Finland. After her first career as a teacher she turned her lifetime passion for theatre into profession, studied puppetry education and successfully took the so called Competence Based Qualification Examination in Theatre Arts (2005) - a unique Finnish adult education system. Theatre Capelle has participated in the many national theatre festivals and performed in Sweden and Peru.

"The most important thing in my performances is to show and prove the power of joy and creative imagination."

Duration: 30 min
Age: 10 - adults
Language: no words 
Stage: 3 m width, 2 depth
Time to build: 1 ½ h
Unloading: 40 minutes

Idea, scenography and performer: Ilona Lehtoranta
Direction: Janne Kuustie and Ilona Lehtoranta
Puppets: Hanna Vornanen
Music, sound and voices: Mikko Karjalainen
Photos: Hanna Vornanen

Janne Kuustie has done numerous directions in the puppet theatre. He is present the president of UNIMA Finland. Hanna Vornanen made puppets for Mother Earth as a part of her final exam of ceramic design studies. Mikko Karjalainen is a musician who has composed a lot for puppet theatre. Peculiar to him is to use many kind of instruments, also things and materials and use them in an ingenious way.

Ilona Lehtoranta
puh. 040-825 4448